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A 12-month private coaching journey designed to help you:​

  • stop turning to food for comfort and distraction;

  • overcome food cravings once and for all;

  • quit fighting with yourself;

  • make peace with your body;

  • set and accomplish goals from a place of love;

  • let the weight go for good, one pound at a time.

Fat2Fierce® covers 6 main topics:

  1. Food: change the way you think about food.

  2. Body: listen to the signals your body is sending.

  3. Emotions: feel them instead of feeding them.

  4. Eating: practice attentive eating to stop overeating.

  5. Acceptance: learn how to like the skin you’re in.

  6. Strength: exercise doesn't have to suck.

Included with private coaching:


  • A client questionnaire will start the process and raise awareness. You’ll answer specific questions about your journey that will help lay the foundation for our work together. 

  • 12 months of coaching: we meet twice each week, via phone or Zoom.

  • Session notes and additional homework assignments to help you navigate your path and build on what we discuss during our calls.

  • The coaching tools I used to end my habit of emotional overeating and remove over 60 pounds.

  • Email support between coaching sessions.

What my clients are saying about Fat2Fierce®:

"I know I'm paying for the service but it's like having a best friend who's been through it before and knows just what to say, when to listen, and when to nudge."

"What I like most is the non-diet approach, the zoom sessions, and ability to message between sessions."

"Amy is intuitive, and walks her talk.  She identified issues that I did not even know I was dealing with, exposing them in a safe and comforting space.  And she gives homework that is just enough challenge to stretch your comfort zone and provide solid incorporation of the new knowledge she has imparted or reminded me of."

"The accountability has been the most transformative part. Just at about the time my old self would have started to flounder, it's time for another call." 

"I'm surprised at how interconnected everything is!"

"Just your being there and being accepting of it all has been key for me."

"It's not easy and it's not a quick fix but it works if you work it. It's a concept whose time has come, for sure.  I wish every woman (or man) would see the brilliance of this approach and know that they are worth it."

"For anyone who's balking at the length of the commitment or the cost, this work will carry you through the rest of your life if you apply it and this is nothing compared to the money and heartbreak I've given to weight loss programs over the years."

Private coaching leads to powerful transformation.


To get started, simply schedule a complimentary consultation. Together we'll decide if this is a good fit.

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