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6 Weeks to Fierce!

Break your habit with food for good.

Ice cream was her weakness. If it was in the house she couldn't stop thinking about it until it was gone.  Especially when she was feeling stressed, sad, bored, or even excited. One bowl, two bowls, or just the container with a spoon.


Then one day she remembered there was ice cream was in the freezer. She forgot about it. She never finished it. Her favorite treat was sitting in the freezer for so long it got fuzzy. She threw it out.

That was the moment my client knew her relationship with food shifted. Her favorite treats weren't on her mind. The drama with food was beginning to dissolve. She was able co-exist without binge eating her favorite foods in the house. The struggle stopped. 

My client didn't end her habit of overeating by avoiding food. That doesn't work. Hiding food, and refusing to keep certain foods in the house doesn't make the urge to eat go away.


The secret is understanding your thoughts about food, and knowing what drives you to the kitchen. It's feeling your emotions instead of numbing them. It's being kinder to yourself. That's how you become a woman who stops overeating and obsessing over food. Then you quit gaining the weight back. 


It never did. Imagine the freedom that comes from believing that!

The Fat2Fierce® course was created to help you change your relationship with food so you can stop sabotaging your success with a pan of brownies. The goal is learning to love and respect your body so much that stuffing yourself is no longer an option.   

The Fat2Fierce® Online Course gives you the tools you need to succeed at your pace!

This is a “do-it-yourself” experience where you can go at your own pace and take all the time you need.

The Fat2Fierce® Online Course covers these 6 topics:

  1. Food: change the way you think about food.

  2. Body: listen to the signals your body is sending.

  3. Emotions: feel them instead of feeding them.

  4. Eating: practice attentive eating to stop overeating.

  5. Acceptance: learn how to like the skin you’re in.

  6. Strength: exercise doesn't have to suck.

Designed for Success!

This course is designed to help you:

  • understand why you overeat;

  • find freedom from food;

  • overcome food cravings once and for all;

  • stop fighting the scale;

  • make peace with your body;

  • quit sabotaging your goals.

What's Included?

With the Fat2Fierce® Online Course, you get:

  • All six course topics with tools and techniques to help guide you throughout.

  • Each section includes recordings from me sharing personal stories, examples, and ways to apply the content for each Fat2Fierce® topic.

  • Downloadable worksheets with coaching tools designed to help raise awareness and guide you through each topic.

  • A video from me explaining how to use specific tools.

  • Access to the Fat2Fierce® Facebook Group where you can continue to explore each topic, get additional support, find inspiration, and ask any questions along the way.

Listen to recording samples:

What women are saying about Fat2Fierce®

“I look at things differently. I think totally differently. I no longer worry that I need eat something. I learned how to listen to my body, so I eat when I’m hungry. I can feel my feelings and keep taking steps. I am taking better care of my body than ever before.”

"I am much more often able to identify the thoughts that trigger a desire to emotionally eat. I'm also getting better at catching them BEFORE I eat and heading off the food consumption involved."

"I have become so much more aware of so many things. I know I have a long no way to go but I’m getting there."

"This is the first time in forever that I don't feel guilty about what I ate. Never before have I felt this free." 

"The non-diet culture approach to body kindness and weight loss is refreshing!"

Body Confidence & Freedom with Food

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