Are you ready for BARE?

Imagine connecting with amazing, like-minded women each week while you learn how to end emotional eating, stop dieting, add pleasure to your life, and love your body again. 

The BARE Teleclass is a 7 week group coaching program. We meet on the phone, where you will be guided through each step of the BARE process.

Each week you will learn how to upgrade a new area of your life, like how to make your morning routine more fun, how to choose exercise that feels like love, and how to satisfy your “emotional cravings” without turning to food.

We will share stories, build friendships, and focus on fun and exciting group challenges that will lead you to personal growth, and permanent weight loss.

As you do this, you’ll notice the focus on food, and weight, will begin to disappear. When you drop the dead weight in your mind, that's when the real magic happens. I'll be with you every step of the way!


The BARE weight loss method is not a temporary diet or detox. It is designed to help women who are sick of diets, tired of gaining the weight back, and don’t know what to do anymore. BARE is for women who are ready to make a big change. They want to jump off the diet hamster wheel, stop emotional eating, start living the life they deserve, and lose weight permanently.  

The BARE method will teach you new ways of looking at your life. You’ll gently build the confidence to go after what you want NOW; not once you lose the weight.

You’ll start to understand the role food serves in your life. In the process, you’ll begin to establish a new and healthy relationship with food as a source of nourishment. You’ll learn to listen to your body, and watch your thoughts (instead of the other way around). You’ll also learn to drop the transactional relationship with exercise, and discover ways to move your body that feel like love, not torture.

I went through the BARE program. I'm doing the work. My confidence has soared, I don’t eat my emotions anymore, and I have learned how to love & respect my body (instead of hating it). I can tell you this method won’t just give you a smaller waistline. It’s about creating a bigger, braver life.

How it works:​​

  • We will meet for seven 60-minute group coaching sessions designed to explore each phase of the BARE process. All calls will be recorded and sent to you, just in case you can’t make it live.

  • You will receive 2 private one-on-one sessions with me to work on your specific journey. 

  • You'll have homework to help you explore each step (yes, you'll need to do the work).

  • We’ll have a private Facebook group for additional support and celebration.

The next group starts on June 7th. Calls will take place every Wednesday at 11:30am EST.

You can reserve your spot here.

As your coach, I expect that you will approach our calls openly and give 100%. Coaching is about creating results. During our calls, I’ll ask powerful questions to help uncover the answers within. You already have everything you need to do this; I’ll help you find it. 

Change takes time, and it takes work, but it will be well worth the effort.

Are you ready?

Have you considered investing in the BARE program? Maybe you have thought about it, but you’re not quite sure. Listen, I get it. It’s a big investment, and you have probably spent a ton of money on your weight loss journey. It's frustrating. You’re not sure how you will do. Maybe you’re a little scared, and that’s okay.

I’ll be honest, if you’re looking for a quick weight loss fix, this program is not for you.

​If you’re looking to break the chains of diets, stop counting every damn thing, put an end to emotional binge eating, step into the life you deserve, and experience permanent weight loss once and for all, then keep reading……


You’re here because you are ready to invest in yourself and take control of your life.

​Your investment in yourself, and this transformation with the BARE Telecourse is $497.00.

The deadline to sign up for this life-changing course is 6/5/17.

You can make your payment & grab your spot here.

It’s time. What do you have to lose?