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Trick or Treat?

Halloween is almost here!!!

And if you’re anything like me, you might be freaking out about ALL THAT CANDY!

Maybe you have candy at home, ready for the neighborhood kids who will be stopping by your house. Maybe you have kiddos at home who will be returning with bags full of goodies. Maybe you have both!

And you’re thinking some version of the following:

“What the hell am I going to do with all this candy around?”

“How can I possible stay on track?”

“I can’t lose control around the candy!”

I know. I hear you. I understand.

I used to freak out too.

I would actually start to panic a few weeks before Halloween, worrying about what I would do when faced with all the Snickers bars and Skittles (my favorites). I used to get so stressed out thinking I was doomed.

I spent a ton of time planning what I could bring to eat that would satisfy my sweet tooth, and what I could use to distract from the pile of candy. Nothing ever worked.

Afterward, we’d to go through the process of finding the perfect hiding place for all the candy, and possibly even lock it up (not kidding), just so I couldn’t get into it.

All this stress and planning put a damper on the holiday. I didn’t look forward to it.

How sad.

UGH! No more!

Here’s the deal….

Now that I have experienced the BARE program, I know my triggers, and I know my MO.

Truth is, I was never hungry. I was tired. I was discouraged. I was disappointed, and I was stressed. I wasn’t enjoying myself, or time with my family.

All the planning in the world didn’t matter, because the candy was serving a different purpose. It was filling the void for pleasure, and trying to comfort a stressed out, overworked mama.

Picture a dog, chasing his tale. That was me.

I see this now.

So, what can you do?

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging….

This weekend, as you prepare for the ghosts and goblins, here are a few “tricks” of your own to experiment with:

1) Investigate

Ask yourself – why do I want the candy? What is it providing for me in this moment? What am I missing? For me, it was comfort…. from stress, anxiety, whatever. Just notice what comes up for you. Chances are, once you ask and answer this question the candy won’t have the same pull.

2) Ask yourself "What feels like love?"

Does binging on mini chocolate bars, candy corn, and peanut butter cups feel like love to you? Just typing that makes me feel a little queasy. That’s not love.

When you ask yourself this question, notice what comes up. For me, right now, it’s a hot cup of tea.

3) Find other ways to “treat” yourself

We binge because something is missing.

What is one way you can add more pleasure and satisfaction in your day? It doesn't have to be anything big. I enjoy a quick meditation, a nice walk, listening to a favorite song, watching a movie, or reading a good book. How can you treat yourself?

In the end, try to let go just a little bit and enjoy this time. And if you do dive in, please don't beat yourself up! That doesn't feel like love either.

After all, Halloween only comes once a year.

Have a spooktacular weekend!



PS. Would you like to learn more about the BARE program and how you can become free from emotional eating too? Click here to schedule your FREE discovery call today. You're so worth it.

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