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Showing Up

A friend recently shared a video with me on Facebook. She tagged me and told me that it reminded her of me. I was touched. The video is a behind the scenes clip from The Greatest Showman, with Keala Settle singing This Is Me. I love this song (and the movie). I've often said to myself that this song is my own personal anthem. To me, it's about stepping out from behind the curtain, showing up and being seen now as I am today. This really IS me. It hit a special chord for me when my friend tagged me on the post. I never shared with anyone how this song moves me, makes me think of my own personal journey, or how I sob every time I hear it. They sang it at our church once, and I was a weepy mess. Anyway..... This particular video is especially profound because of how Keala feels the fear and does it anyway. She is brilliant. You can see her fear in the beginning, and by the end she is in her zone, standing in her power. It makes me wonder how often we hold ourselves back from displaying our own brilliance. I know I do, more often than I care to admit. I think of how often we tell ourselves that we can't be who we are now. Imagine what we miss out on when we put our lives on hold waiting for something to happen, waiting to be better than we are today. This video is inspiring and I cry every time I watch it. It showed up for me on a day when I really needed it. It was a day when I was feeling especially down about both my business and my journey towards my natural weight. This song applies to both. I thought I would share it with you today. You can watch the clip here - The Greatest Showman Featurette I also want to share something that happened this week that ties all of this together. I cleared a stumbling block with the help of another amazing friend and coach buddy. Our conversation helped me see how I am STILL holding myself back in my business because of weight. I know I have been hiding behind the curtain, because I am still holding on to weight and numbers when my work has nothing to do with either. The way I help my clients doesn't involve numbers. We don't track pounds, inches, or calories. We don't take before pictures. Fat2Fierce is about forgetting the numbers. It's about finding your power. I help my clients end the diet drama, make peace with their bodies, and stop their suffering. I help them live the life they want now, not after they lose weight. I do this by sharing all the steps and tools I used on my own personal journey. This has been my road to freedom, and I have been hiding because I'm not "there" yet. I see this, and I call bullshit on myself again. I have stopped my own suffering, and this is my power. This week, one of my clients shared an inspiring testimonial about the work she is doing in Fat2Fierce. She said "I think so differently now. This has helped me see everything in a different way". She then went on to explain how she is taking care of her body better than she ever has before. This is what diets don't teach, and this is exactly why people stay in the same loop. Nothing changes when you're only focused on a number. The traditional diet industry is the very definition of insanity. I've had many women say things like "I can't let go of the number", "I can't eat whatever I want", "I can't trust my body now. If I do, I'll blow up". These are old thoughts. They are old beliefs. This is diet mentality, and if you're believing some version of this then chances are you're there. These thoughts are fear based, and they keep us stuck. I know this story. It sucks. So, how do we stop the madness? I know it can seem scary, but it is possible. I'm doing it. It's a combination of trust, patience, taking a chance, and showing up. I'm living Fat2Fierce. I can't wait to share the August recap with you next week. The number is gone. I hope you'll stay tuned. Sending you so much love. xo, Amy If you're curious about how I help my clients find peace with food, their bodies, and stop suffering, l I hope you'll give yourself the gift of scheduling a FREE transformation session with me. I would love to connect with you. Click here to complete a short questionnaire, then follow the prompts to my online calendar where you can schedule your coaching session.

The FREE transformation session is an opportunity to get coached by me and learn more about the program I offer to see if it's a good fit. Fat2Fierce is a coaching program designed for women who are ready to ditch diet mentality and harness their own power to discover what works for them. This program is not a quick fix. It's an opportunity to find freedom and break the diet chains once and for all. Click here to answer a few questions about your journey, then schedule your session. I know it can feel scary to be this real with someone you don't really know. I want you to know that I see you. I understand, and I have been there. All of your information will always remain confidential. I can't wait to connect!!

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