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What Will Be Different Tomorrow?

Cindy wanted to understand her emotional, stress, and binge eating habits. She was determined to find what caused the frenzied eating episodes, and how to stop the spiral that lasted days, weeks, or sometimes months. Her primary focus was to learn more about the mindset and relationship she had with food.

In our time together Cindy was able to pinpoint the triggers that caused emotional eating. Once she was able to anticipate the triggers, she could shift her choices IN THE MOMENT.

Can you imagine how powerful it feels once you know the triggers that cause you to overeat AND you're able to make better choices in the moment? It's mind-blowing (speaking from my own personal experience).

With each passing week, Cindy noticed the desire to dive into emotional, stress, or binge eating wasn't there anymore. She felt more in control of her choices with food. She no longer felt shame about the food she chose to eat, especially when eating out at restaurants.

For Cindy, understanding her mindset around food (and where it stemmed from) was the most transformative part. She hasn't done any emotional, stress, or binge eating in over 12 months. She now has tools and techniques at her disposal to help navigate and process emotions in a way that feels safe, without turning to food. These are tools she can use for the rest of her life.

Food is no longer a problem.

Eating is more manageable and less all-consuming.

Cindy gets back all the time, energy, and focus that went into battling food, her body, and herself.

What percentage of your day is spent thinking about food and battling emotional eating habits?

  • Planning for a sugar haul after a vicious day at work,

  • Searching for snacks to avoid mundane tasks,

  • Having a third helping just because it tastes good,

  • Beating yourself up for overeating again,

  • Wondering why you have no self-control,

  • Promising yourself tomorrow will be different,

  • Thinking there's something wrong with you because you can't stop.

What aren't you doing when you're thinking about all of this?

What would you do with all that time if you had it back?

When you're back in control, and there's no more drama... what will be different tomorrow?

How about the rest of your life?



P.S. You can stop eating emotionally and break the binge eating cycle just like Cindy did. Learn how to have a better relationship with food and feel more confident for the rest of your life. Book a discovery call here.

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