I was lucky enough to work with Amy English for 8 one-on-one sessions and it was glorious! The work we did together impacted every area of my life. She's a genius at asking the right questions and her intuition is a magnificent gift. She will lead and follow and listen and support you in a way that is uniquely hers. It's hard to describe unless you actually have the experience. I can't recommend her highly enough. If you are ready to do the work and open yourself to insights and growth and love - then Amy's your gal.       

- Dani Winders

The BARE program helped me recognize ways that I have been sabotaging myself and has helped me feel more powerful and beautiful. I was surprised by how much the program helped me sort out problems and negative thoughts that didn’t seem, on the surface, to have anything to do with food. Some old thought patterns surfaced and now that I’m aware of them, I can catch them when they kick in. I like myself much more without them. Amy is a compassionate, intelligent, and gifted coach. She has the ability to hear so deeply that it doesn’t matter how you say it, the truth is in there and understandable. Amy is so gentle that you sometimes don’t realize she totally gets you until she says something and you know she TOTALLY gets you. Working with Amy is strangely restful and peaceful while being powerful and transformative.

- Julia Jones

I love Amy's energy. She is so effervescent and kind, but also grounded, focused, and intensely compassionate. The BARE program made me reevaluate how I look at myself, my choices, and my eating habits. I was able to completely get free of emotional eating. I have all the tools I need to effectively manage what I put in my mouth. Now I eat on purpose, even the pleasurable food! I stopped hating my body and constantly criticizing it. I conquered emotional eating. And I work out because it feels good! I notice when I'm trying to make a workout plan instead of just doing what my body wants, and that was a big hurdle for me to overcome! Amy is the perfect BARE coach, because she's been there and she knows the struggle. She can commiserate, but she's also a few steps ahead, so she can guide her clients deliberately forward. It's been life changing.

- Melanie Childers

I'm so glad I followed my heart and reached out to Amy about the BARE program. She understood my struggle because she's been where I was. Amy's an enthusiastic supporter and cheerleader as well as an empathetic listener. By working with Amy, I became aware of the weight I was carrying on the inside (my inner mean girl) and in my environment. She was a pro at uncovering the limiting beliefs that were affecting my eating. And Amy gave me tools I could use and am still using while I continue on my weight loss/body image journey. I feel so much lighter!

- Siobhan Nash

Amy is easy to talk to.  She is open minded so you know that nothing you can say can scare her away.  She is there to help you lift your spirits but also to gently nudge you forward towards your goals.  Analyzing my dreams has been huge for me.  Before working with Amy, I would have these livid and wild dreams and I would be left wondering, what does that mean?  But with Amy's help I was able to understand my dreams, which then shed a lot of light on what was going on in my life.  I would recommend working with Amy because she is so very helpful, and because she is fabulous!  She has been through so much in just a few short years, but yet she comes around the bend stronger than ever. She has worked through her stuff and knows what it feels like to walk in your shoes.  You’ll be thankful to have Amy walk beside you on your journey - I know I am.

- Tami Reagor

Amy English is truly an altruistic woman. When I first met her I realized that she is a person who really cares for people. As I began to work with Amy I began to let go of my fears (the fears you have with new people). She made me feel comfortable in my thoughts. As I began to confide more in her I began to learn more ways to balance my career, motherhood, and body image. I’m truly blessed to have worked with her.

- Rebecca Joy Lesniak