Cupcake? What Cupcake?

The cupcakes have been sitting in my fridge all week long.

I assume my parents brought them over last week when Garret and I were both traveling.

We never keep stuff like this in our house! We can’t. I have never had self-control around “treats”. Until now.

I haven’t touched the cupcakes.

I haven't thought about the cupcakes.

I forgot they were here until I opened the fridge to get something.

Every time I look at those cute little cupcakes it’s a reminder of how far I’ve come in such a short period of time.

Just a few months ago I would have inhaled those cupcakes without even tasting them.

Historically I’ve been a stress eater. I have tried to eat my way to safety, comfort, and peace more times than I can count.

And life is just a little stressful right now.

I’m building a business, and we’re preparing to move across state lines. We’re in the midst of closing on houses, switching schools, and I still need to find a new doc for my breast cancer follow up. It’s a perfect opportunity to find some comfort in a cupcake, but I didn’t.

I can access those good feeling states without food. I don’t need the cupcake.

I’m blown away.

And here’s the best part. I told myself I could eat those cupcakes. In fact, I told myself I could eat all 3 of them if I wanted to!

Guess what? I don't want to.