You Oughta Be In Pictures

I did a big thing.

I posted a new banner pic on my Facebook page. It’s a picture of me.

This is big, because for me it was hard.

I don't normally love me in photos.

This particular picture was taken over the summer in NYC, July 2016, when I was on the BARE retreat. Professional pics were part of the package.

We had a top-notch crew pampering us for the photo shoot. My hair was styled beautifully, my makeup looked incredible, our photographer is amazing.... I felt like a star!!

And then I saw the pics.

I've been reluctant to share any of them. I thought they were amazing, except for me being in them.

The moment I saw them my inner critic showed up, and the thoughts started to take over.

Famous tunes included “my face looks so fat”, “my arms are too chunky”, “my stomach is too flabby”, “You can’t show these to anyone”.

I tried to stop the negative talk, but my inner mean girl had full control.

As a result, I haven't shared these pics with anyone......until now.