The Light Bulb Moment

I almost stopped myself. My ego almost got the best of me.

I had this belief lingering that I can’t do this. I can’t possibly be a BARE coach because I’m not at my natural weight. This thought kept playing over and over in my head, like a broken record. Top tunes included “Who’s going to work with me?”, and “I still have so much weight to lose!”. How can I help people learn to stop dieting, and learn to love the skin they’re in, when I don’t have the results? I was still focused on a number, on a size, on the fact that the extra pounds are still here from my breast cancer diagnosis 3 years ago!! I mean, seriously....what the heck?!?!

And so, I almost gave up. I almost said “forget this", "I can’t do this”.

And then, a moment of clarity hit. I like to call these “light bulb moments”. You know, like a great idea, when the imaginary light bulb goes on over your head. I realized something very important. While I may not be at my natural weight today, I have reached other major milestones along the way.

I have actually been letting a number hold me back. I’ve been so nervous about putting myself out there because I’m not at my natural weight! Truth is, I’ve only lost a few pounds. That’s if we’re using the scale as a form of measurement. BUT, here’s the deal….I notice when I grab food when I’m not hungry. I have reconnected with my body. I feel my emotions, instead of stuffing them down. I am changing negative thought patterns and beliefs. I have learned ways to move my body that feel like love instead of torture. I have identified ways to add pleasure in my life that are not food related. Things like taking a hot bath, reading a good book, going for a long walk, writing, playing games with my kids. I am learning to put myself first. I am learning to love me, without needing any external validation. All of this makes the number on the scale seem really insignificant.

I’m reminded that this is not a race. I’m not in a rush. This is NOT a diet. I am permanently changing the way I feel about my body. I am permanently changing my relationship with food. I am living my life. I am putting myself out there. I am helping a lot of people do the same. I can tell you that it feels amazing on the other side.

I may not be at my natural weight yet. I am not an expert, I'm not someone who has done it. I am someone who is doing it.

I became a BARE coach to help women who feel defeated in the weight loss world, who feel like they can’t lose weight; women who are sick of spending money on diets that don’t work; women who just want to feel beautiful again, stop obsessing over their weight, and take back control of their lives. And, I’m doing this with them.

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