Do You Go with the Flow?

I always considered myself to be one of those people who can easily go with the flow. The truth is I don’t.

I can go with the flow when things are going swimmingly. Throw a wrench in my world, and forget it. My flow gets messed up. Instead of rolling with in, I’m desperately trying to swim against the current. That never works – all of the time.

I decided to stop and write this blog in the midst of one of those moments, just so I could fiddle with a couple ideas and see what works.

My son, Ryan, was home sick. His tonsillitis came back (UGH), and he needed to get to the doctor STAT. He wanted me to watch TV with him, but I had work to do. I was working on a project for a client with a tight deadline, and I was behind on some of my own business stuff. I didn't plan for a sick day, doctors visit, and cuddle time (my favorite).

I could feel the panic brewing - “what am I going to do?!”

Stop. Breathe.

Let’s investigate.

What’s going on underneath this panic that’s beginning to bubble up?

I was feeling nervous that things wouldn’t get done.

What happens when things don’t get done?

Nothing. They just don’t get done. It’s really that simple.

So, here is a recap of what I came up with on my kids’ sick day……