Scary Things

I had a different topic planned for today. I changed my plans to talk about something very scary & exciting that happened last weekend. This picture goes with it.

As you probably know, I'm a certified BARE coach. BARE is a weight loss method created by Susan Hyatt. It stands for Bad Ass Renegade Engaged - BARE. The BARE method is very near & dear to my heart, because it is what helped me change my relationship with myself, and with food. It helped me learn how to stop overeating, and end emotional eating. I've done a ton of work on myself to get to where I'm at today, and the BARE method helped to light the path.

BARE helped me stand in my power and show up for the life I want, the life I deserve. It has laid the foundation for me to continue building the life I have dreamed about.

Last Saturday, Susan Hyatt held the first Bare VIP day in Savannah, GA. As a certified coach, I was invited to attend. I decided early on that I wasn't going. It was going to cost money to travel, it was right after the holidays, blah...blah...blah.

At the last minute, just a few days before the event, something sparked in me. I had to go. We made arrangements, and my super supportive family got me to Savannah. Even our dog, Scarlet, came for the trip.

At the event, several other certified coaches delivered powerful & amazing workshops, full of inspiring stories and new ideas. I took notes, and walked away with great new tips. As I was listening to the coaches, I thought "I could do this". Even though I have been afraid to speak in public for most of my life, even though I am afraid I'll cry, even though I might sound stupid, I thought that maybe I could do it.

I have been petrified of public speaking for as long as I can remember. I was the student in college who dropped a course if any form of oral presentation was required. Me & public speaking do not mix. At least that was my thought, until now.

Somewhere in the middle of the event I said to Susan "hey, next time I would like to offer a workshop". What?!?! I still don't know how I mustered the courage to say those words. Susan's response to me was "how about today?". Holy crap. What just happened?

I was absolutely terrified, but I did it.

I got up in front of a group of amazing women and told pieces of my story. I talked about my history as a child sneaking food. I talked about my fear of public speaking. I talked about my journey to end emotional eating, and the questions I asked myself to start that process. I cried, I laughed, I delivered. I had nothing prepared. I had no note cards. I simply told some stories from my heart. I had no expectations. I just shared part of me. I can't recall exactly what I said, because I was so scared, but it was certainly authentic and I'm told it was goo