I blew my own mind this week.

You may know that I created a workbook to accompany the Fat2Fierce coaching program. It's filled with exercises I learned in coach training, and have used on my own personal journey. The workbook is comprised of 6 sections, each filled with assignments that follow along with the specific topics of the program.

The topics include:

  • Your Relationship with Food

  • Reconnecting to Your Body

  • Feeling Your Emotions

  • Attentive Eating

  • Body Acceptance

  • Claiming Control

I like to dive right in with food because that's why most of my clients come to me. They want to stop over eating. They want to end emotional eating. They want to develop a peaceful relationship with food.

I've had my own personal battle with emotional eating. I was a binge eater for a very long time, and I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. It's been 2 years since I started my journey and ended that habit. I know I've come a long way, but I didn't realize just how far I have come.

This week I decided to start using my workbook for me. After all, I am my very own client. I dove into one of the very first exercises called "Exploring Your Relationship with Food". Simple, and to the point.

The exercise includes 5 questions. They are the same 5 questions I answered once upon a time. They are the same 5 questions that put the wheels in motion and started my transformation.

The questions:

1) Do you use f