Other People

When I was on vacation a couple weeks ago an interesting question popped in my head.

I'd like to share it with you today.

Here it is:

If I removed other people from the equation would I still want to lose weight?

It's a valid question.

That question triggered more.

If I removed other people's opinions, comments, looks, and negativity would I still want to change my body?

In other words, who am I changing my body for? Am I really doing it for me?

Is it for the doctors who have shamed me about my weight?

Is it for the assholes who called me nasty names?

Is it for the guys who didn't want to date me because of my size?

Is it for the girls who didn't want to hang with a bigger girl?

Is it for the sales person who made fun of my body when they didn't think I was looking?