Movement Break

It never fails.

Movement always gets me out of my funk. Always.

Sometimes I fall so deep into my funk that I forget about movement. I forget how good it feels. That, or I dip into the place where I don't care. Then it doesn't matter. That's a rough place to be. When I end up spiraling into that negative space it can be hard to get out. Maybe you know what I mean.

It's a slippery slope.

It's when I start to believe the negative thoughts.

I stop listening to my body.

I stop trusting.

I get so tired.

I get too tired.

That's my funk.

I've been in my funk for a couple weeks, and I stopped going to the gym.

Once I stop going to the gym, and I start to spiral down, it can be difficult for me to jump back in.

I start to feel sorry for myself.

It's total victim mode, and it sucks.

I had a very honest conversation with myself this week.

I know I feel better when I move my body.

I know I feel better when movement (exercise) is a regular part of my life.

It doesn't mean I have to go to the gym every single day, but practicing some form of movement feels really good.

I reminded myself of this.