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Helping women go from hopeless and stuck to empowered and free.

Look at any weight loss advertisement and you'll see ways to remove those unwanted pounds and be the person you always wanted to be.  Simple.  Right?

After decades of trying all the diets, and losing weight multiple times only to gain it back, it's no wonder I started thinking the problem must be me.  There was something wrong with me. I wasn't strong enough, or good enough. I didn't have enough willpower. It wasn't meant to be. Nothing I tried worked long term. I blamed myself and thought I was doomed.

I was ready to give up on permanent weight loss forever and just stay fat,.  So, I did.  Kind of.

What the diet industry doesn't want you to know.

Working with a life coach, I learned that I wasn't broken. There's just a big piece missing that traditional weight loss doesn't cover; self-confidence.

I was good at losing weight, but I couldn't keep it off. The pounds always came creeping back. So, I said screw it. Instead of another diet, or the weight loss surgery my former doctor kept pushing, I shifted my focus to the inside. I needed to understand my habit of stress eating. I wanted to be able to trust myself around food, have a better relationship with my body, and quit being such a jerk to me.  

Food was in charge for a long time. Every celebration included a special treat.  A stressful workday meant I would binge. Feeling bored lead to unconscious snacking. It seemed like I had no control around food, even when I wasn't hungry. I'd be good for a while, then derail for days or weeks before attempting to "get back on the wagon" again.  I'd beat myself up and then eat more. The cycle with food and the way I treated myself was destroying my self-confidence. I had to change the habits that kept me stuck in the spiral.

I searched for a program that could help me stop stress eating, feel better about my body, and trust that I could keep the weight off. I found ways to help with each of these areas individually, but nothing that incorporated all the pieces.

So, I created it.

Fierce Mind, Body and Heart.

The Fat2Fierce® coaching program is a proven method that will teach you how to reconnect with your body and change your habits with food so you can end the pattern of emotional and unconscious binge eating. 

We focus on building your self-confidence. You'll learn strategies to reduce triggers, stop the spiral with food, and trust that you can keep going... even after a bad day. I share all the powerful tools that helped me end my 30+ year habit of emotional binge eating.  

Fat2Fierce® teaches you how to shift from fat mentality, which leaves you feeling hopeless and stuck, to fierce mentality which is empowered and free.  From this new place you're able to form a path with food, and your body, that leads to your goals on your terms. 

When you schedule a complimentary consultation with me, you'll learn how it's possible for YOU to break the cycle of emotional binge eating. 


A better relationship with food, and your body, has a positive ripple effect on every aspect of your life. 

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