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I'm Amy, and I have figured out the secret to permanent weight loss. It starts by having compassion for yourself, and understanding the thoughts and habits you hold about food, your body, and your weight that keep you stuck.

I struggled with food and weight for decades. I used to eat emotionally. I understand the pain and frustration of being stuck, losing weight only to gain it back again. Once I changed my habit of emotional eating, and thoughts about food, I ended the cycle and have maintained consistent weight loss. I teach my clients the tools to do the same. You will learn how to remove the weight and keep it off. This is what separates Fat2Fierce® from other weight loss methods.


I created Fat2Fierce® to help women who are ready to break away from the cycle of endless dieting and stop suffering when they look in the mirror or find themselves in the fridge. I teach my clients how to stop restrictive dieting and let the weight go for good, with love. This program was designed to put you in the driver's seat of your own weight journey.  

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