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I want to help you end emotional eating and ditch diet drama. I want to teach you the steps to stop stress eating and self-sabotage, so you can reclaim your confidence and quit gaining back the weight.

The Fat2Fierce® coaching program was designed to help you stop struggling with food, quit fighting with your body, and end your battle with the scale. 

About Fat2Fierce®

I am really good at losing weight. I’ve been doing it for most of my life. My clients are really good at losing weight, too. We are experts at the art of weight loss. We know exactly what to do. We'd drop the pounds, and then they'd come back. They always came back. Maybe you can relate.

The traditional methods of weight loss have worked so well that you keep going back to them. You can’t imagine trying to lose weight without them. The only problem is that they don't teach you how to stop dieting, or how to keep the weight off. You’re so tired of gaining the weight back. You hope and pray that this will be the last time you have to lose weight. I know, because that used to be me. 

Throughout my journey I have discovered a critical piece missing in the traditional world of weight loss. Nothing addresses the behavioral, emotional, and deeply personal reasons that keep you stuck in the dreaded weight loss cycle. That's why I created Fat2Fierce®.


Fat2Fierce® is a life coaching program that was created specifically to help you break the habit of unconscious and emotional eating, stop obsessing about your weight, and ditch the drama with food. This program is for any woman who wants to break away from the cycle of endless dieting and stop suffering when she looks in the mirror or finds herself in the fridge.

This isn't about learning how to lose weight. I can teach you how to stop gaining it back.


Fat2Fierce® is different


We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result, yet that exactly how most traditional weight loss programs work. Something is missing, and that's why the majority of people gain the weight back. Most of the traditional weight loss methods weren't designed for permanent success, because they only focus on the outside. They don't address what's beneath the surface, and that's why you keep going back. You don't know what's missing, and you don't know another way. As your coach, I’ll help you discover the role food plays in your life. I will not tell you what to eat, or how to exercise, but the tools in this program will help you explore and find your answers from within.


This is not just a weight loss program. This is a "get rid of the crap in your head, learn to appreciate the skin you're in, stop hiding and using your weight as an excuse, stop using food as a coping strategy, and learn how to go after the life you want" kind of program. Once we let the "mental weight" go, anything is possible. We're talking about a permanent shift, and it's so much more than a number.


What I have discovered on my own personal journey is that understanding your relationship with food, and finding acceptance with yourself today is the key to real transformation. As someone who has tried everything, I can tell you there is nothing like the power of life coaching. The tools helped me end my 30+ year habit of emotional eating. I have a new relationship with my body. I’m no longer fighting an enemy. I’m working with my body as a friend. It’s an incredible shift and I want to help you experience the same freedom.


Fat2Fierce® Program Overview

The Fat2Fierce® program covers 6 main topics or themes:

  1. Food: explore your relationship with food and the role food is serving in your life.

  2. Body: connect to your body and discover how to listen to the signals it is sending.

  3. Emotions: learn how to feel your emotions, and recognize the role they play in overeating.

  4. Eating: practice attentive and mindful eating and learn how to stop overeating.

  5. Acceptance: get to know your body with compassion, and start to like the skin you’re in.

  6. Strength: discover exercise you love and start to notice your FIERCE.


This program was designed to help you:

  • transform your thoughts about food and understand why you overeat;

  • stop using food as a method of comfort and distraction;

  • overcome food cravings once and for all;

  • make peace with your body;

  • learn how to continue your journey from a place of love (it is possible);

  • uncover the thought patterns that keep you stuck and in self-sabotage;

  • ditch diet drama, stop suffering and find freedom.


Experience Fat2Fierce®

There are 3 ways you can experience the magic that is Fat2Fierce®:


Fat2Fierce® Online Course

If you prefer to work solo and go at your own pace this is a great option for you. This is a self-paced 6-week DIY experience including audio recordings, videos, and worksheets designed to teach you the tools and guide you through each theme of the Fat2Fierce® program.

Fat2Fierce® Group Class

Join a Fat2Fierce® group class & get ready to kick things up a notch. Imagine being in a small group with the support of amazing women sharing a similar journey. YESSS! This is an 8-week virtual adventure led by yours truly. We will meet live each week via Zoom as we continue to explore all of the Fat2Fierce® topics on a deeper level, together! Additional tools to support your journey will be shared in this group setting. If you love a small group experience and inspiration from like-minded women this is for you.

Fat2Fierce® Private Coaching

If you are ready to take your journey to a whole new level, learn personal strategies to end your habit of emotional eating, and stop sabotaging your own success, then this option is for you. We will meet twice each month (over the phone or via Zoom) to explore everything around your relationship with food, your body, and what keeps you stuck in the dreaded weight loss loop. This is an opportunity to dive deep into your specific patterns, identify ways to change them permanently, and focus on finding freedom. Private coaching leads to powerful transformation. To get started, simply schedule a complimentary Confidence Call and we will determine if this is the best option for you. Note that space for private coaching is limited.


Fat2Fierce® Client Feedback 

"I am much more often able to identify the thoughts that trigger a desire to emotionally eat.   I'm also getting better at catching them BEFORE I eat and heading off the food consumption involved." 

"I would recommend Fat2Fierce® because it has all the components needed to help."

"What I like most is the specific focus on relationship to food and body, and exercises that get right to the issues."

"The shifts in my thinking that seem so natural now.  Some of them snuck in while I wasn't looking and have caught me off guard.  Simple things like the way I think ahead to how I'm going to feel later and choose 'no' instead of doing that impulse swing through the drive-through."  


"I have finally found someone who gets it, that diets don't work, and there's so much more to 'it' than just changing what you eat and how hard you exercise.  I knew it all along but the help just wasn't there."

"My relationship with food and my body has changed...all due to a change in thinking."


Next Step

There are three ways to experience the magic of Fat2Fierce®. If you're not sure which option is best for you, I offer a complimentary Confidence Call to help you decide. During your call we'll talk about your struggles related to food, overeating, weight, diet, body image, and confidence. We'll explore what keeps you stuck, and determine which option will help you be successful. 

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