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Fat2Fierce® Program

Learn how to shift from FAT mentality, which keeps you stuck, to FIERCE mentality, which sets you free.

This is a self-paced online option that offers you a solution to emotional overeating and the destructive self-talk that keeps you in a constant tug of war with food, your body, and your goals.. Throughout the course you will practice a variety of tools that focus on creating a compassionate mindset, working with your body, and feeling your emotions instead of stuffing them.

Fat2Fierce® Private Coaching

A deeper experience, personalized for you, with me as your guide.


We will meet weekly for 6 months to uncover the obstacles specific to your journey with food, emotional eating, negative body image, and scale drama.  

This option is for women who want to work in a virtual, private setting, one on one, with individual support and guidance as you learn and practice the tools that will take you from Fat2Fierce®. 

Join me for a complimentary, judgement-free phone consult to see if private coaching is a great fit.   

Fat2Fierce® Facebook Group

Create confidence when it comes to food, body, and weight.

Join us in the FREE Fat2Fierce® Facebook group.


Fat2Fierce is not a quick fix (for me those never worked), it’s a life change and Amy does such a great job of motivating me to want to use the tools & strategies to continue to feel better & eat better.  The mental weight was likely heavier for me than my physical gain so helping me lose that (and understand where that comes from) has been huge. I’m surprised at how much more accepting I am of myself & my body & my mental state than when I began the program. 

Abby H.

Every session was like being on the phone with a trusted friend... just the right balance of understanding and gentle shove. I wasn't sure what to expect really, having never worked one on one with a coach before.  I knew that the old diet culture was not the answer, that the real answer was somewhere inside my own head,  but the work we did together blew me away with every exercise. If you can commit to doing the work, this will work for you and set you up for success once and for all.  Do it!

The non-diet culture approach to body kindness and weight loss is refreshing! My relationship with food and my body has changed...all due to a change in thinking. I was surprised at how interconnected everything is. Making the homework a priority was challenging, but breaking it into small chunks helps. I would describe Amy’s coaching as comfortable, safe, and judgement free. I’m proud of deciding to work with her and make this a priority. 


Dayle C.

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