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Most weight loss methods aren't designed for permanent success, because they only focus on the outside. They don't address the habits with food and overeating that keep the weight coming back. That's how Fat2Fierce®  is different.


This is so much more than weight loss. Fat2Fierce® is a "get rid of the crap in your head, learn to appreciate the skin you're in, stop hiding and using your weight as an excuse, stop using food as a coping strategy, and learn how to get the life you want" kind of program. Once you release the mental weight, anything is possible. We're talking about a permanent shift, and it's so much more than a number.

This program will put you in the drivers seat of your own weight journey.

Fat2Fierce® covers 6 main topics:

  1. Food: change your habits with food.

  2. Body: connect to your body and listen to the signals it is sending.

  3. Emotions: feel your emotions instead of stuffing them.

  4. Eating: practice attentive and mindful eating.

  5. Acceptance: learn to like the skin you’re in.

  6. Strength: build confidence and consistency.


This program is designed to help you:

  • understand why you overeat;

  • stop using food as a method of comfort and distraction;

  • overcome food cravings once and for all;

  • make peace with your body;

  • understand self-sabotage;

  • ditch restrictive diet drama,

  • remove the extra weight with love.

Ways to work with me:

Fat2Fierce® Online Course

This is a self-paced 6-week DIY experience including audio recordings, videos, and worksheets designed to teach you the tools and guide you through each theme of the Fat2Fierce® program.

Fat2Fierce® Private Coaching

We will meet twice each week (phone or Zoom) to explore what keeps you on the struggle bus with food, your body, and your weight. We'll uncover your specific patterns and find ways to change them permanently. Private coaching leads to powerful transformation. To get started, click 'I'm Ready' below to schedule a complimentary consult with me. 

Client Feedback:

"I am much more often able to identify the thoughts that trigger a desire to emotionally eat.   I'm also getting better at catching them BEFORE I eat and heading off the food consumption involved." 

"I would recommend Fat2Fierce® because it has all the components needed to help."

"What I like most is the specific focus on relationship to food and body, and exercises that get right to the issues."

"The shifts in my thinking that seem so natural now.  Some of them snuck in while I wasn't looking and have caught me off guard.  Simple things like the way I think ahead to how I'm going to feel later and choose 'no' instead of doing that impulse swing through the drive-through."  


"I have finally found someone who gets it, that diets don't work, and there's so much more to 'it' than just changing what you eat and how hard you exercise.  I knew it all along but the help just wasn't there."

"My relationship with food and my body has changed...all due to a change in thinking."


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