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My Battle with Buttercream

Once upon a time I had dreams of being a baker. My specialty was cakes and cupcakes. I used to bake cupcakes and bring them to Connecticut when I traveled every month for work. My colleagues were the best guinea pigs ever. I even had a couple paid gigs. I had so much fun decorating the cupcakes, and I was good at it. Pictured here are Cinderella cupcakes I once made for a birthday party. Unfortunately, I had to stop. I couldn't control myself around the icing. I love buttercream icing. It's my favorite, and I was indulging in my own product a little too much. I started to notice I was gaining weight. I couldn't keep anything extra in the house. Not even in the freezer!! I knew it was there, couldn't stop thinking about it, and wasn't satisfied until I had it in my belly. I remember dipping my kids Teddy Grahams in the frosting. It was especially bad when I had a tough day at work. There was the stress and anxiety of a challenging day. I soothed it all with rich, creamy buttercream icing. I would crave it. Sometimes, when my husband was traveling and the kids were in bed, I would make a batch just for me to eat with a spoon. True story. Since I was literally eating my profits, I decided cake baking was probably not my thing. Not for a business anyway. Cake played a significant role in my life the very first time I moved away from home. You can read more about that here, in The Great Cake Confession. There was definitely an emotional attachment. I used it to calm my nerves and lift my spirits. Fast forward a few years later. I still like buttercream, but I don't crave it anymore. I don't even eat it when it’s here. In fact, I have a big bowl of buttercream icing in the freezer that I haven't touched. It's leftover from the Halloween cookies we made with my mom when she was visiting. It's been sitting in my freezer for almost two months, and I haven't thought about it. Tomorrow night I will use it to frost Christmas cookies without fear or stress, because I know that the buttercream doesn't have control. Folks, this is the freedom I'm always talking about. When food is your drug it can leave you feeling powerless. You tend to give into the cravings, and overeat. Most of the time there is an underlying issue that we are trying to mask with food. That's emotional eating. Food becomes the distraction. It’s a way to buffer. That's what I did for a really long time. I know I'm not alone. If you're struggling, please know that you're not alone, and please know that I would love to help. I promise you do have the strength to leave the frosting in the freezer. I would be honored to walk with you on your path, but only if you are ready. I won’t tell you that it has been easy, but I can tell you that it is absolutely amazing on the other side. My coaching program, Fat to Fierce, will help you change your relationship with food so you can stop overeating. You can make peace with your body, and discover your power within to lose weight for the last time. You can get started with a FREE transformation session. We'll talk, get to know each other, and see if my coaching program is right for you. I'll help you make the right decision for you, with no hard feelings either way. What do you have to lose? Click here to schedule your complimentary session. xo, Amy

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