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End Emotional Eating,

Stop Self-Sabotage,

and Ditch Diet Drama.

Reclaim your confidence!

I'm Amy- 

I'm a life coach who helps women end emotional eating, stop self-sabotage, and ditch diet drama.

Chances are you already know how to lose weight. In fact, you're probably an expert at the game. You have lost weight more times than you can count. You drop the pounds, but they always come creeping back. I get it, because that was my story for a really long time.

For many women, there is a big piece missing in the traditional world of weight loss. It's so much more than diet and exercise. You need to learn how to break the pattern that keeps you spinning in the endless cycle. That's diet drama, and that's where I come in! 


I teach women how to stop stress eating and self-sabotage so they can reclaim their confidence and quit gaining back the weight.


I walk women through the coaching process that helped me crack the code and end my own diet drama. It's called Fat2Fierce®. I teach my clients how to stop emotionally charged eating (like stress eating) by changing their relationship with food and transforming their relationship with themselves. I want to help you find your FIERCE and shift your thoughts so you can see what's possible. We start from the inside, and that's what makes this process different. 

I help women who want to:

  • End emotional eating and overeating;

  • Stop sabotaging their success;

  • Zap cravings without restriction;

  • Feel comfortable in their skin;

  • Quit hiding;

  • Find acceptance;

  • Build confidence to break the cycle.

There are three ways to experience the magic of Fat2Fierce®. If you're not sure which option is best for you, I offer a complimentary Confidence Call to help you decide. During your call we'll talk about your struggles related to food, overeating, weight, diet, body image, and confidence. We'll explore what keeps you stuck, and determine which option will help you be successful. 

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