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Amy English

Certified Life Coach

I help women break the pattern of emotional eating.

As a food and body confidence coach I work with women who want to heal the painful relationship with food and negative body image that was formed under the scrutiny of diet culture and our weight obsessed world.

I created the Fat2Fierce® coaching program for women who want to break free from the cycle of endless dieting and stop suffering when they look in the mirror or find themselves in the fridge.

Having struggled with emotional and binge eating for over 30 years, I developed a proven method of working with your mind, body, and heart to form healthier eating habits and take back your power from food.

Fat2Fierce® teaches you how to peacefully co-exist with all food (even your favorites) by quieting your critic, listening to your body, and fully embracing yourself. 

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The result of FIERCE is trusting you can handle any situation without turning to food, while staying committed to taking the best care of you.

Shifting from fat to FIERCE offers a new and powerful foundation that will have a positive ripple effect on the rest of your life.


Fat2Fierce® is your next best step if:

  • The cookies keep calling and you wish they would stop

  • You're never truly satisfied, even after a binge

  • There's a serious lack of self-control around your favorite foods 

  • You've been dieting most of your life and would like to stop 

  • The idea of more food restriction sounds dreadful

  • You want to stop losing the same weight over and over

  • It would be nice to not cringe when you see your reflection 

  • You wish getting dressed in the morning was less stressful 

  • Feeling comfortable attending events and social outings sounds nice

  • You want to feel at peace with food, your body, and yourself

Connect with Amy

I'd love to hear from you. Complete this form for any questions and/or comments. I'll respond as soon as possible (typically within 48 hours). 

Thanks for reaching out!

Or book a 60-minute phone consult:
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