Amy English

Certified Life Coach

As a food and body confidence coach I specialize in helping women end the habit of emotional and unconscious overeating.

I created the Fat2Fierce® coaching program to help women solve for the biggest piece missing from traditional weight loss; how to shed the habits that keep the weight coming back.

I work with women who want to feel comfortable in their skin, and better about themselves, while creating a peaceful and positive relationship with food.

Fat2Fierce® offers a solution that will help you ditch toxic diet mentality, stop the weight loss yo-yo, and feel empowered to take charge of your journey on your terms.

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Diets work until they don't, and you find yourself back at the drawing board. 

Truth is. there are dozens of ways to safely lose weight. 

The problem is that most people don't know how to maintain weight loss when the diet ends; especially when the method wasn't truly sustainable and you haven't resolved the urge to eat emotionally. 

Until you address the habits that keep the weight coming back, you will continue the cycle. I know because I lived this for decades. I figured out how to work with my body, and end the habit of emotional eating, so I could stop the cycle and let the weight go for good. 

In Fat2Fierce® we turn traditional weight loss inside out by teaching you how to create food and body confidence first.

Shifting from fat to fierce mentality offers a new foundation that will have a ripple effect on the rest of your life. 

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