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Amy English

Emotional Eating Coach

Struggling with emotional eating? For over 30 years, I did too. But I broke free and built a healthy, joyful relationship with food. Now, through Fat2Fierce®, I help women like you identify their triggers and develop healthy coping mechanisms.


Imagine a life free from the burden of emotional eating and binge eating, where food is a source of nourishment and joy, not a coping mechanism for stress or other emotions. 

Get your FREE Guide to Identifying Emotional Eating Triggers and start your journey to food freedom today!

Areas of Expertise

Emotional Eating Coach: Helping Women Build Healthy Relationships with Food & Body Image

End unconscious emotional eating FOR FOOD.

Own your cravings.


Fat2Fierce®: Nourish yourself, mind, body & heart. Break free from food's control and embrace a life you love.


Ready to:

  • Ditch emotional eating for good

  • Make conscious food choices that fuel your body

  • Master your emotions and radiate confidence

  • Finally, feel amazing in your own skin?

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Let's Chat

Feeling stuck in a cycle of emotional eating can be overwhelming. But you don't have to go through this alone. I'm here to listen, answer your questions about Fat2Fierce®, and explore if it's the right fit to help you break free from food's control and rediscover a radiant, confident you.

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