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Movement Break

It never fails.

Movement always gets me out of my funk. Always.

Sometimes I fall so deep into my funk that I forget about movement. I forget how good it feels. That, or I dip into the place where I don't care. Then it doesn't matter. That's a rough place to be. When I end up spiraling into that negative space it can be hard to get out. Maybe you know what I mean.

It's a slippery slope.

It's when I start to believe the negative thoughts.

I stop listening to my body.

I stop trusting.

I get so tired.

I get too tired.

That's my funk.

I've been in my funk for a couple weeks, and I stopped going to the gym.

Once I stop going to the gym, and I start to spiral down, it can be difficult for me to jump back in.

I start to feel sorry for myself.

It's total victim mode, and it sucks.

I had a very honest conversation with myself this week.

I know I feel better when I move my body.

I know I feel better when movement (exercise) is a regular part of my life.

It doesn't mean I have to go to the gym every single day, but practicing some form of movement feels really good.

I reminded myself of this.

I asked my family for help, and to wake me up before they left for school & work.

I had a plan.

I stuck to it.

I went back to the gym this week, and I felt better. Go figure.

Here's the deal with movement and/or exercise.....

I don't have any expectations at the gym.

I don't go out of guilt.

I don't go because I ate something "bad".

I don't go to punish myself.

I just go to move, because my body likes it, and my mind feels lighter.

Over the years I have asked myself this question: "what type of exercise feels like love?".

I experiment with the answers. I try different things. Some feel great, others not so much.

I take what feels good, and I do more of that.

I listen to my body, and I'm open up to what feels delightful.

Once upon a time I considered walking to be a lame form of exercise. I didn't think I was burning enough calories or working hard enough. That's a very old, vicious mentality. The truth is, I love nature, in my neighborhood, and on the treadmill at the gym. My body adores that form of movement. Sometimes, when I'm feeling really adventurous, I throw in a light jog. point...experiment. Learn what you love, stop worrying if it's "good enough".

I'm including a worksheet that I share with my Fat2Fierce clients. It's super simple, nothing fancy. Just a way to identify ways that you can exercise with love. Click here to grab your copy. I hope you enjoy it.



P.S. Do you know that I started a Facebook group? It's called Fat2Fierce: Breaking the Diet Chains Forever. It's a free group for women who want to break away from the cycle of endless dieting and stop suffering when they look in the mirror or find themselves in the fridge. Click here to join us.

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