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What is the Weight of Shame?

Weight fluctuation is normal, especially as our bodies change throughout life. Whether it’s sickness, a visit to the ER, perimenopause, or too much sodium (hello, pizza) … body weight will fluctuate.

It's a time for compassion and curiosity, but shame takes over.

  • Disappointed because you’re here.

  • Discouraged because you’re not there.

What is the weight of that shame?

Shame is heavy. It keeps you stuck in a cycle… Eating to avoid negative feelings, searching for a new solution, trying the next diet, hoping for a miracle, giving up, feeling bad about yourself, eating... on and on it goes. The cycle feels impossible to stop, especially considering the billion-dollar weight loss industry is built on shame. A friend recently shared, “It’s so nice to not care what other people think of me, but when will I stop caring so much about what I think of me? Will I ever stop obsessing about what I look like, and what my body looks like?”

It's a familiar struggle women experience throughout their lives.

So... how do you reduce self-shame and find the happy medium of where you are right now?

I like to think the opposite of shame is acceptance.

Can you recall the last time you felt acceptance towards yourself and your body? Maybe never. That's okay. You're not alone. What would it feel like to have acceptance for your beautiful body?

  • Acceptance for your body changing.

  • Acceptance for your weight, whatever it is right now.

I have a hunch that acceptance would eliminate a lot of the heavy shame and drama you’ve been carrying most of your life. As you reduce the shame you're carrying you'll feel more clarity to decide your next steps, and more confidence to act on them.

Wouldn't it feel better to let some of the shame go? Here are some ways to reduce self-shame and increase acceptance:

  1. Practice self-compassion and reduce negative self-talk.

  2. Focus on overall health rather than weight loss or gain.

  3. Incorporate physical activity that feels good.

  4. Listen to your body and avoid restrictive eating patterns.

  5. Quit comparing yourself to others and embrace your unique body.

  6. Seek support from friends, family, or a life coach if needed. ;)

  7. Practice mindfulness and be present in the moment.

  8. Remember that weight fluctuation is a natural part of life and not something to be ashamed of.

Life coaching helped me embrace my body after decades of shame. It's a much better place to be, and that's why I'm so passionate about helping women find acceptance, feel comfortable in their skin, and improve overall body image. Relief is possible, and it starts with one phone call. Book your consult here. xo, Amy

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