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Taking Back the Wheel

One of the things I miss from my corporate days is structure. I knew exactly what had to be done, and when. I was able to prioritize my day accordingly. I was super organized, so it was fairly easy for me to keep everything in check. Sure, there were surprises that popped up, but overall I had a nice system in place. I was able to juggle a bunch of balls in the air at once. Fast forward to my new world as an entrepreneur. I'm my own boss. I feel like I'm all over the place, and like a hot mess most of the time. It's been challenging as I try to get into a rhythm, check items off my to-do list, and not get sucked in on social media. This new place is still unfamiliar, these are uncharted waters. I have learned a lot, but there's still much more to discover. There are times when I miss having someone to provide direction and support, and I long for the days when I knew exactly what to do. To help solve my dilemma, a good friend and fellow coach had a brilliant idea. She suggested I schedule a morning meeting with myself to review all activities and plan my day. The goal was to incorporate some structure with my new freedom as a business owner. It worked, but only for a couple months. My morning meeting slowly started to slip under the radar. I made excuses. I stopped showing up. I lost my motivation and starting swimming in a sea of overwhelm. Shit started to go sideways. I should have been fired. Instead of beating myself up, inhaling chocolate chip cookies, and curling up like a ball to cry in the corner, I decided to jump back in. I've got a new plan in place. It starts now. I will resume the morning meetings with myself. I developed a kick-ass schedule with a general theme for each day. I'm including time for training, marketing, and research. I'm creating my own structure, providing my own direction, and showing up for myself. I'm taking back the wheel. Sometimes we forget our own power. Sometimes we forget that we don't have to rely on external sources for support. Sometimes we need a swift kick in the ass to remember. I'm there an area in your life where you are giving your power away? What can you do today to take back the reins? What will you create for yourself? Are you ready to stand in your power and start showing up for the life you deserve? I can help you dissolve the wall that holds you back from what you crave. The BARE Teleclass starts on June 7th. Enrollment is open now. You can reserve your spot here.

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