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Dear Me, Part II

If you happened to see my blog last week, you know I wrote a letter to my past self. That was part I in a 2 part exercise. In case you missed it, you can check it out by clicking here. Today is part II. I'm going to share a letter from my future self. Hear me out. Part I was a letter from me today, to myself 5 years ago. Part II is a letter from my future self, 5 years from now, to my present self today. Why write these letters? It's a wonderful way to continue the process of healing old wounds, and tap into your inner wisdom. When we write to ourselves in the past we are accessing old stories. There are old thoughts and beliefs that are still stuck inside of us. Every time I write, I am continuing my own personal healing process. Even though it can really suck in the moment, there is an incredible sense of relief from letting go. I have done the work, so there is not an emotion that I'm not willing to feel. When we imagine ourselves in the future, 5 years from now, we are accessing our inner wisdom. This is our higher self. We can get knowledge and guidance by tapping into this part of ourselves. Here's how this exercise works. First, take a few minutes and imagine yourself 5 years from now. How old will you be? Where are you working? Where do you live? What might you be doing? Who do you think you're spending time with? How do you take care of yourself? What are you eating? Do you exercise? How do you think you feel about your body? Your size? Your weight? Are you at your natural weight? What would you say to yourself now? What does your future self want your present self to know? What will you tell her? I invite you to get comfy, grab some paper, and a pen. Join me as we connect to our goddess within. Here's my letter. This is Part II: A Letter From the Future Dear Amy, I want you to know how much you are loved. I want you to know that you are strong. You have come so far on your journey. Keep going. Keep moving. Continue to put one foot in front of the other. It’s not always a straight path, and that’s okay. I know some days are hard, but I promise you that it is all worth it. You are still clearing the weeds in your jungle. You're peeling back the layers of your onion. I know there are times you want to give up and stop trying. It seems like it would be so much easier to go back, but you know that's not true. I know that you're afraid to remove your extra weight. It has been a source of protection for a really long time. It has also been an excuse. Your weight keeps you in your comfort zone. It helps you stay small, and right now that feels safe. You're not sure what life will be like, or look like, without it. You don't know life without the struggle, and that feels scary. What if it didn't have to feel scary? What if it could feel exciting instead? Can you consider that option? You’re learning what it feels like to not be focused on your weight. This is new territory for you, so be patient with yourself. You are starting to have a new appreciation for your body and all that it does. This relationship is important. It will continue to grow, and flourish. It’s a beautiful thing. Continue to follow the bread crumbs. They will not steer you wrong. Trust yourself. You do know exactly what to do, and you are doing it. Keep sharing all of it – your goals, your wins, and the times when you fall. Especially the times when you fall! It’s all part of the process. People want to hear it. You need to let it out. Every time you fall you learn something new about yourself, and your journey. I know it’s not easy, but I promise you it is worth it. You can stop judging yourself. You can let go, just a little bit. It’s safe to come out of your shell. You are so much stronger than you realize. You love Georgia. You have wonderful friends, and you are part of an amazing community. The kids are thriving in school, it’s hard to believe they are teenagers! They love their school, and they have great friends. Garret loves his work. Your coaching practice is booming! You are helping so many women experience freedom from food. I know right now it feels really hard, and some days you want to quit. It’s a lot harder than you thought, and that’s okay. Please keep going. You have a lot to do, and it’s pretty amazing. I love you dearly. xo, Amy It's your turn. What do you want to say to yourself?

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