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An Inside Job

I started this phase of my weight journey about two years ago. This new phase was different than anything I had ever known. It went against everything I knew about traditional weight loss. It was very scary to make the leap. I didn't know what to expect. Would it be another useless attempt? Would I end up losing weight only to gain it all back again? I didn't want to cry myself to sleep anymore. I didn't want to keep missing out on life because of my weight. I wanted to wear clothes I felt good about. I wanted to show up. I didn't think I could do that at my current weight. Therein lies the problem!! It's one of the biggest misconceptions and a missing link in the wicked world of traditional weight loss - the belief that you're not good enough now. I did not want to continue on the same beaten path. I was fed up with the same vicious cycle. That was enough for me to give it a whirl. The new phase I'm talking about is life coaching for weight loss. While I didn't know what to expect, I never imagined this process would completely transform me from the inside out. It has helped me see just how tangled up I was in the chains of diet culture. In those days my worth depended on the size I was wearing, the number on the scale, and the calories I burned. The life coaching process has allowed me to break free from all of that. Life coaching has enabled me to access the old stories I desperately held on to about my body, my weight, and myself. Once I was tuned in to those thoughts and beliefs I was able to explore them, understand them, and ultimately diffuse them. Life coaching helped me break the chains. It helped to set me free. I spent a lot of time disliking (hating) my body. I wasted a lot of time and money on traditional weight loss methods. In my opinion they all follow the definition of insanity; repeating the same thing and expecting a different result. Through the magic of life coaching I was able to end my 30+ year habit of binge eating. I have reconnected with my body. I'm able to listen to my body and the wisdom within. Nobody has to tell me what to eat, how to eat, or when to eat, because I know how to fuel my body in a way that feels best. I also know how to exercise and move my body in a way that feels best. I don't exercise for results anymore. I do it for the joy that movement brings. It's a fascinating shift. I see myself in a whole new light. I treat myself in a completely new way, with the love and respect I always deserved. This is power. If you follow me on Facebook, then you may have seen my post from earlier in the week. If not, no worries. Keep reading. It starts with the picture you see here. Now, please understand that I'm not a big fan of "before and after" pics. I'm much more interested in how you feel about yourself in your heart and mind no matter how much weight you have lost. What I have discovered is that time and time again people lose weight but still don't like their bodies. They continue to struggle with food. They keep restricting themselves and stay stuck in diet mentality. It becomes an ongoing struggle. I've been there. It sucks. That said, I wanted to share this side by side with a little story.

When the picture on the left popped up in my Facebook memories it completely blew my mind. It is from July 2016 when I had a dance lesson at the Alvin Ailey studio in NYC as part of the BARE weekend. I'm pictured here with our fabulous instructors from that incredible morning. This was right about the time I started the new phase of my journey. The picture on the right is from last week Friday after leaving the gym (I ran on the treadmill - it felt SO GOOD).

Both are sweaty selfies, but to me there is a pretty significant difference. The change is without a diet. The change is loving myself. The change is finding my power to make choices that work for my body. The change is clearing my mind of the cobwebs that kept me chained to diet mentality. I see so much clarity in the image on the right.

This hasn't been a quick fix. It wasn't supposed to be. The work I'm doing is from the inside out. It's from a place of love and peace. I wanted to do this work, because I was sick of the bullshit. I was so tired of trying to lose weight quick, yet still being stuck on the vicious merry go round. This process is taking time. I don't care. It's totally worth it. This is a permanent shift. This is Fat2Fierce.

Maybe you are sick of the bullshit like I was. Maybe you want to find a better way. If you want to learn how you can lose weight for the LAST time, and do it from a place of love, let me know. Just click here to answer some questions and then schedule your free transformation session. Life coaching can help, and I'd love to chat.

xo, Amy

Are you sick of losing weight only to gain it back? Are you tired of feeling bad about your body? Would you like to learn how to lose weight for the last time, and do it from a place of love? If you are ready to experience peace with your body, end emotional eating, and escape diet culture, check out my coaching program FAT2FIERCE. You can click here to answer some questions and schedule a FREE transformation session. The transformation session is an opportunity to get coached by me, and get a better understanding of the program and if it'is what you're looking for. If you are ready to explore, click here to get started.

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