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You CAN Have a Peaceful Relationship with Food. Here's How.

peaceful relationship with food

Emotional eating is a cycle that begins early and is reinforced over time.

It starts when a connection with food is formed and eating becomes a way to cope with hard feelings and situations. Food becomes a source of comfort and support, almost like a friend. It grows into a subtle yet powerful cycle that negatively impacts self-confidence and increases self-doubt while making personal health goals seem impossible to achieve.

The cycle of emotional eating continues for decades because people don’t realize when or how it started or that they can take back control. Instead, folks turn to diets, drugs, and surgery to help curb their appetite. Unfortunately, these options rarely lead to permanent satisfaction, empowerment, or self-confidence because they don't address the underlying issues that cause emotional eating in the first place.

The good news…. it is possible to break the cycle of emotional eating. You CAN have a peaceful relationship with food. Here’s how.

To restore a natural and peaceful relationship with food, it's important to remember that you're in charge.

Even when it seems like the cookies are calling your name,

Or when you're feeling pulled to stop at the drive-thru,

Or when the uncontrollable urge for salt or sugar won't leave,

Food is food.

It doesn't have control.

You always have a choice.

I know from personal experience it can feel hopeless at times, so let me offer this...

Take a moment to consider the last time you stopped yourself from eating. At some point, you said "enough". You made a choice and put the food away. Recognize that. Notice how you had the power to make a decision and take charge, no matter what may have happened. The key is to focus on THAT power and keep practicing over and over again. This is how you rebuild self-trust, and that's how you will break the cycle for good.

This is the transformation I teach my clients in Fat2Fierce®.

As your Emotional Eating Coach, I help you explore the cycle of emotional eating and binge eating. Together, we gently raise awareness as you confidently reclaim your control and heal the relationship with food. Before you know it, the urge to eat isn't as strong and the cookies quit calling your name.

Taking back your control and confidence from food has a positive impact on everyone and everything in your life.

Learn how to overcome emotional eating and heal your relationship with food by booking a complimentary discovery call with me. You'll be glad you said yes to yourself. Book your discovery call here.



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