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I'm So Over It!!

I had a different blog planned for this week, but switched it up last minute after having an epiphany!! I was so excited, I had to share. That's the beauty of having my own blog; I get to change it up and make the rules as I go.

So....back to my epiphany....

It happened while I was on my bike. I usually get great ideas while I’m exercising, but this was the first time an entire blog piece poured out of me! I didn't judge it, I just let it flow. It so was so exhilarating to be typing away on my phone while I peddled. And don’t worry, I was on a stationary bike in my home. That made typing a little easier.

I'm reading an amazing book called "If I Am So Smart, Why Can't I Lose Weight", by Brooke Castillo. I'm in the section about beliefs - what we believe and how it shapes our world. As mentioned in the book, "if you want to know what your beliefs are, look at your life". It’s so true. If you stop to think about it, you can probably see how your beliefs impact your life.

I decided to practice this theory with one of my beliefs – a very old story I’ve been telling myself for years - the belief that I will always be overweight. Sometimes it feels like I've been struggling with this thought for a lifetime, because.... I have. When I think about this thought it makes me feel sad. It makes me feel defeated, like a failure, like I'll never be able to lose weight. And, guess what? I don't!!!! I don’t lose weight, because I’m believing that I will always be overweight. The weight stays, because I’m actually manifesting it. Can you see how that works? Holy crap!

I do the same with thing with overwhelm. As a busy wife, mom, and life coach who is building her own business, I stick to this story a lot. I tell myself “I’m so overwhelmed”, “I can’t do this”. It leaves me feeling anxious, stressed, and a little bit like a hot mess. Then, I get stuck. I don’t do the things. I stay in a consistent loop of overwhelm.

Does this sound depressing? Well, here's some great news - we can change our thoughts and beliefs!! They're ours to change!! Granted, it takes some work, and some deep reflection, but it can be done.... if you're willing to do the work.

So, there I sat, on my bike thinking about the belief that I'll always be overweight. The thought feels like shit. What would be a better thought? I won't always be overweight. Evidence proves this to be true. I haven't always been overweight. And, since I don't have the power to predict the future, there is no way to know that I will always be anything. I am Amy....not overweight, not overwhelmed...just me. That feels like relief.

When these beliefs and stories have been with us for a long time they start to feel like they are part of us, but they're not. You do have the ability to seperate from your thoughts. See if you can think of a thought, story, or belief you have that makes you feel like crap. Can you turn it around? Trust me, you'll feel better, and then maybe that will become your new story.

PS. Are you ready to change your beliefs around your weight, body, and relationship with food? Click here to schedule your FREE discovery call today. You're so worth it.

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