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Do It Anyway

I had a tough time during my early years of college. I started off at a local community college, because I had no clue what I wanted to be when I grew up (I didn't know about life coaches then).

I didn't have the greatest academic experience during high school, but that's a story for another time. We will just say I wasn't very prepared when I entered college. The time I spent drinking in the fields (yes....alcohol) and hours chatting on the phone did little to pave the scholarly way. Truth is, I hated school. I looked for any excuse to bail, even if that just meant a mid-afternoon snooze during English class. I only went to college because it was a better option than the alternative - get a job and pay rent. WHAT?

I eventually transferred to a more prestigious private school in the area, where I tanked, big time.

There is one particular instance that stands out in my mind, and has affected me in more ways than I care to admit....I'm going to tell you about that now.

I had to write a paper for class. I don't recall what class it was for, or what the paper was about....I just remember writing something that was later shared with the entire class - not in a good way.

Copies of my paper were made, minus my name. They were shared with the class as an example of what NOT to do. I was mortified. Obviously, I knew it was my paper. I sat through class as the professor picked my paper apart. I listened to the other students snicker and make comments. I can still remember how sick to my stomach I felt in that moment. I sank into a sea off "I'll never be good enough".

I drove home from campus crying my eyes out. Eventually, I quit. I withdrew from that school mid-semester. I ran as fast as I could, and never looked back.

I enrolled in another school, where I eventually graduated with a degree in Sociology. That didn't take away the sting of what happened - the belief that I suck at writing, that I'm not as smart as the other kids. Those thoughts were with me for a very long time....until recently.

You see, I love to write! Hence the reason I have a weekly blog. I may not write to some scholarly professor-type standard, but it doesn't matter! I write from my heart.

I couldn't tell you what that professors name was. I couldn't tell you what he looked like. Hell, I don't even remember what class it was, but I remember the hurt. After many years I have finally been able to push past the fear and write anyway.

Every week, when I'm about to hit publish, I wonder if that professor is going to come lurking out of the shadows to tell me how much I suck. I publish anyway. And instead, I receive emails, text messages, and comments from people complimenting my writing, and sharing how it has helped them.

Here's one of those emails I received from a friend. She wrote "your emails are lovely – you write beautifully. You write in a manner that reminds me of novels that are page turners… You draw your reader in, then BAMM, hit them with your story/message/etc….. Love it."

I cried.

I know that writing is part of my foreseeable future. I'm grateful that I was finally able to push past the fear & insecurity. Yes, it's scary, but I do it anyway.

Is there anything that is stopping you in life?

Can you do it anyway?

Will you do it anyway?



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