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Setting Goals

My personal goal for September was to lose 7-10 lbs.

I would accomplish this goal by following a specific protocol that I created for myself.

No flour.

No sugar (exception below).

A specific time frame when I would eat each day.

Intermittent fasting.

One planned and scheduled exception, or “joy eat”, each week (my cream).

You may be thinking this sounds strict, but I promise you it’s not once you explore and process all of your thoughts around food and eating.

I achieved my personal goal for September. I lost 8lbs.

I’m excited about this, but not just because of the number.

It's so much more than that.

I have taken back the wheel.

Food doesn’t have control.

I don’t have the desire to overeat.

I don't feel the need to binge.

I’m not buffering with food.

I have more energy. I don’t feel sluggish and bloated all the time.

I have more clarity. Ideas for my business, and my life, have been rushing in.

I’m doing this for myself because it feels incredible, but it hasn’t come without a whole lot of coaching on my attachment to food and eating. The best part is that now I can see my old pattern from an entirely new perspective.

September proved to be an emotional month for a number of reasons. I could have easily gone back to old habits. I could have numbed out on food, wine, or Netflix. I didn't. Instead, I gave myself permission to feel. I felt all of the good, all of the bad, all of the ugly, and everything that scared the crap out of me. I let it all in. I sat with it. I let it bubble up. I didn’t try to stuff it down. I didn’t beat myself up. I allowed the urge. I noticed the sensation. I felt the desire, and then I got curious.

I became my own investigator. I started to ask myself questions.

Why did I want to eat? What purpose was it going to serve?

Every single time the craving was a desire to escape whatever was happening in that moment. That is the habit. It’s amazing to see it from the other side.

I took my son out for ice cream the other day.

I didn’t get anything.

I wasn’t restricting myself.

I just realized I didn’t really want it. The same way I no longer want a cigarette.


I am on my own personal journey as I return to my natural weight.

The difference now is that I am doing this from a place of love, compassion, and curiosity. After years of struggling, and all the ups and downs, I’m finally cracking the code to real weight loss. This is a permanent shift, and it feels delightful. This is freedom.

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